What happens if I disable Style Kits on my site?

When you disable Style kits from your site, all the styles in your Elementor layouts, that are powered by Style Kits will be lost. You might consider exporting the Style Kit CSS and use it in a proper location of your site (Child theme CSS or customizer).

Even in this scenario though, you should consider the following before de-activating Style Kits:

  • You will lose Style Kits color support for the Color Classes. For example, the background classes will not work anymore, these variables are generated by Style Kits, and they require Style Kits to be activated in order to work properly.
  • You will lose the Outer Section Padding options. This control is added to your outer sections by Style Kits, and deactivating the plugin will result in all your outer sections being reverted to Elementor's default padding (which is zero).

If you want to hide Style Kits from your clients or user roles, you might want to consider making use of Style Kits Pro User Role management feature.

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