The Unsplash Collections extension

With Style Kits Pro, we also have included an Unsplash Collections integration which you can use to get direct access to curated image collections from the WordPress or Elementor Editor while working on any page.

You can browse collections by AnalogWP which has a ton of categorized/selected images for almost all of your needs or you can even connect your own Unsplash profile and browse through your own collections.

To activate this feature proceed with the below easy steps:

1. From your Admin Dashboard, go to Style Kits > Settings > Extensions page from the left menu.

2. On the Extensions tab, you'll find the Unsplash subtab where an Enable Unsplash option will be available to you. Check the Enable Unsplash box and hit Save changes.

3. Ones you've saved your change and the page is reloaded, you'll see two more options below the Enable Unsplash option. Either you can change the Default Username to your preferred Unsplash Collections profile or keep it as it is.

The Unsplash API Key field is there if you have your own custom key from Unsplash for fetching images you can enter it here and use it. You can learn more about Unsplash API Keys by visiting here - Unsplash Developers.

4. The final step is to import and use images from our Unsplash Collections library, this feature will add an Unsplash Images tab in the media import popup which you can then find in Elementor Editor or at Default WordPress editor.

5. Importing is as easy as, selecting a Collection or searching for an image & clicking on the Import button, you'll also have the options to customize the image before import happens. You can rename the image or resize it proportionally.

That's it, you now have this beautiful Unsplash Collections feature successfully activated on your site. Ones you import your image, that image will get available to the Media Library instantly for imports.

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