The Blocks Library

Style Kits version 1.5 introduces the Blocks library. This is a library of pre-designed blocks that you can insert into your layout, right from the Style Kits popup, under the Blocks tab. 


Blocks are not a new concept in the Elementor ecosystem. But these blocks are a bit different, because they are combined with the power of Style Kits. Similar to how templates work, importing a block into your layout, will inherit the styles of the Style kit you are using on your page.

This means that you can enjoy built-in design consistency right out of the box, when you are importing a block into your page layout. 

The blocks are organized in categories. The free version of Style kits comes with a limited number of blocks, but you can see the upcoming Pro Blocks by switching the "Show Pro Blocks" toggle.

Clicking on a block category box will reveal the included blocks. Keep in mind that the block screenshots are for structural reference only. When you import them in a page that uses a Style Kit, the blocks will inherit the Style Kit styles.

Inserting a block into a layout from within the editor

Watch this quick video on how to insert blocks into your working layout via the Analog template library popup.

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