How do Style Kits work?

Recently we've had several users asking how Style Kits work on technical side. In this article, we'll be going through how Style Kits work and how it enables you with Global Styles.

Style Kits enables you to create a set of styles for your Elementor posts and pages, enabling you to re-use the same styles on other pages or globally. Using a Global Style Kit can greatly enhance your workflow by allowing to create a set of styles for your site and having it available on all pages you create further or previously. Editing a Global Style Kit also updates the styles for all the pages automatically.

How is Style Kit implemented?
Style Kit adds a number of panels with settings under Elementor's Page Settings, in Styles tab. By adding the panels in that area, Elementor automatically saves them, thus styles related to those settings are generated automatically and becomes the part of that specific Post's CSS that Elementor generates; which means any Elementor post using a Style Kit, will have it styles generated automatically for their respective posts.

How does a Global Style Kits work?
A Global Style Kit is technically no different than a normal Style Kit, but when you've a global kit set under our plugin settings, it automatically activates that kit on all your Elementor posts, thus all styles related to that kit are applied site-wide. A Global Style Kit however, does not generate a separate style sheet which is shared among all the pages, instead it generates those styles for all the posts sharing the same kit respectively.

If you've any other questions or need further clarifications. Feel free to reach us via our support.

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