Style Kits Library

Style Kits version 1.3.4 introduces a new feature, the Style Kits Library.

This library contains some Style Kit presets provided by the plugin. So apart from creating your own, we made these Style Kits available for you to import and bootstrap your design workflow. 

Apply a Style Kit on any page, and you already have a starting point for your typography, colors, buttons, and spacing. Customize them as you want, and lead your design to the desired direction with consistency and scalability.

Importing a Style Kit from the library

In the Style Kit Library tab, click the blue Import button on any of the available Style Kits.

This will download the Style Kit and make it available in the Stylekits Drop down inside the editor. 

You can now apply the Style Kit to any layout, or even make it Global and have its styles apply on every page of your Elementor-powered site. 

Remember that all your available Style Kits also exist as Custom Post Types in your Dashboard.

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