Style Kits Library

This library contains some Style Kit presets, that are mostly used by the template Kits. Of course you are not limited to these, you can create an unlimited number of your own custom Style Kits. But these will serve you as a starting point for your own layouts, and then customize and maintain them.

Each style Kit has a cover image that roughly displays the fonts and color palette that are used.

⚠️ Note: When you create your own Style Kits, they do not appear in this list here. All saved Style Kits are saved as custom post types located in your Dashboard, under Style Kits → Manage Style Kit. Learn More

Importing a Style Kit from the library

In the Style Kit Library tab, click the  Import button on any of the available Style Kits.

This will download the Style Kit and make it available in the Stylekits Drop down inside the editor. 

You can now apply the Style Kit to any layout, or even make it Global and have its styles apply on every page of your Elementor-powered site. 

Remember that all your available Style Kits also exist as Custom Post Types in your Dashboard.

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