Importing Theme Style Kits

This library contains Theme Style presets, or how we call them, Theme Style Kits. These kits are also used by the template Kits that we provide in our library. Of course, each Style Kit is totally customisable, and ready to define your Global Theme Style. 

When you import a template from our collection, you also import the related Style Kit, that supports the style for the specific template. 

We have included all the Theme Style presets that our template Kits use, and made them available individually in the Library.

Importing a Style Kit from the library

In the Style Kit Library tab, click the Import button that appears on hover of any of the available Style Kits. You can also preview the Style Kit in a popup, and see how it looks on a helper layout that displays most of the Style Kit's design options.

Importing the layout will download and import the Style Kit into your site, and ready to use.

All saved Style Kits are saved as custom post template types (KITS) located in your Dashboard, under  Style Kits → Theme Style Kits. Learn More

To see all your available Style Kits, in your WordPress dashboard go to Style Kits > Theme Style Kits.

You will then find all your available Theme Style Kits, including any Style Kits that you have created from scratch, or saved as...
On hover, you have a quick option to delete or export any of them.

Making use of the Style Kits

You can now apply any of these Theme Style Presets to any layout. In the Editor, trigger the right click menu and Go to the Style Kits panel through the link.

You will then be able to switch Theme Style Presets on the fly, and see the changes affect your entire layout.

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