Outer Section Padding

Outer section padding is an additional control added by Style Kits, and allows you to assign padding to the outer Sections of your layouts, based on five presets:

  1. No padding (always zero padding)
  2. Small
  3. Medium
  4. Large
  5. Extra Large

You can assign any of the above presets to your outer sections, in a similar way that you assign Column Gaps.

Outer Section Padding applies only to the outer (parent sections) and not to the inner (nested) sections.

Controlling the Section Padding Presets

In the Style Kits sidebar, go to the Outer Section Padding panel. There you will find the controls for editing the padding values for each of the available presets. 

By default, every section that you create comes with the No Padding preset, meaning that there is no padding added to your section. Make sure that you assign one of the other available presets from the dropdown, in order to see the Section padding in action.

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