The tools tab

The tools tab provides some handy tools that might be useful in your workflow

Export Styles as CSS

This option will export all the Style Kit-related CSS that is available in your current Style Kit, including Typography, column and section spacing, buttons, colors etc.

This option does not export any CSS that might have been manually applied on the elements inside the layout.

You can then take this CSS and use it in your child theme.

Reset Styles

This option resets all the Style Kit values, and essentially removes the Style Kit from the page. The values on all the Style Kits controls will be reset and you can start a new Style Kit from Scratch. You should now be seeing the layout without the styles that were powered by Style Kits.

Remember that at any point you can assign any Style Kit to the page again, using the Page Style Kit dropdown.

Do not apply link color on active titles

Usually, when you add a Posts widget in your layout, the Post titles are active links. For this reason they inherit the link color. In many cases though, you want to exclude the posts (or any other custom post type title) from the link color, and have it inherit the standard text color. This is what the switch does.

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