The Global Colors Panel

An essential aspect of your design is Colour. Style Kits provide an intuitive method for managing color, through the controls located at the  Global Colors tab in the Style Kits panel.


Any color that has been manually added on individual elements/widgets, will always override the Style Kit Global Color values. For the Global Colors to work, make sure that the elements are free of manually added styles.

The Global Colors Panel

Currently, in the Global colors you will find the following controls:

Controlling Accents and texts

The three first controls affect the Accent and Typography colors, throughout your template(s).

Primary Accent

This is used as the primary link color. Icons also inherit this value.

Secondary Accent

The secondary accent color will apply on your buttons, and will replace the default Elementor button color. You can customize further the color of each individual button size, through the Buttons Tab. 

Text Color  

This color that applies on the main / body text

Headings Color

You can choose a different color for the headings, by choosing a color in this color control.

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