Working with Style-Kit-powered templates

The templates included in the Style Kits template library are the only ones in the industry that offer macro-control over Typography, spacing, color and more. All these styles are controlled globally from inside the Elementor editor, with the Style Kit design controls. This way the templates:

  • Are clean and lightweight, since most of the elements are set to default, and styles are defined globally.
  • Are easy to work with and customize. In an experience similar to the WordPress customizer, you have global control over typography spacing and color in seconds. 
  • Are inter-connected, and modular. Any section from any template kit can co-exist in the same layout.
  • Are easy to scale-up to more pages. You and your clients can build more pages safely, with consistent style.


The templates in the library are grouped in template Kits. Each template Kit has a number of templates. 

All of the templates in a template kit are powered by the same Style Kit. The style kit defines the fonts, colors, buttons and more that the templates will use. If you want to change the button color for example, you do it once and the new color is applied across all the templates in the kit.

Importing templates

Here are some articles with detailed information on importing templates, and how to apply Style Kits on them.

⚡️ Importing templates from the library

⚡️ Applying a Style Kit to a template when importing

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