Importing Style-Kit-Powered templates from the AnalogWP gallery

For now, the only two templates that are based on Stylekits are:  
  •  Struct and 
  • Dash.

The other templates have manually added styles on their Elements. We are working on translating all the template designs into functional Style Kits, and appreciate your patience.

When you import an AnalogWP template, the Style values are not added on the Elements themselves, instead, are transferred to the Page Styles panel. 

These styles are not imported as a Style Kit Entity, instead they simply populate the page style controls, and apply on this page only. If you import another template, it will populate the fields based on the new Styles.

Save Styles as a Style Kit

At any point in your workflow, if you are happy with what you see in the Editor, you can SAVE the styles you have added as a Style Kit. 

If you give it a Name, let's say Dash, you will be able to re-use it on any page, or even globally.

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