Managing your Style Kits in the WordPress Dashboard

Any saved Theme Style Kits are saved as custom template types and can be exported/imported into any other WordPress site that has the Style Kits activated. 

They are located in your Dashboard, under Style Kits → Theme Style Kits

There you will find a list of all the available Style Kits, and you can manage them like any other post entity in WordPress.

Your Global Theme Style kit will also have a green highlight next to it.

Exporting Style Kits

You can export a Style Kit individually, simply by hovering over it on the list and clicking the Export Theme Style Kit. You will download a json file right away. You can also export multiple Style Kits as a Zip file, by selecting them and exporting through the Bulk Actions dropdown.

Finding the Style Kits in the default Elementor template library

After Elementor version 2.9, a Theme Style Kit is a natively-supported template type. Apart from the Theme Style Kits page, these template types (Kits) are also available in the default Elementor library.

 Note: The Kit templates only appear if you click on the ALL tab.

Importing Style Kits to another site

To import one of the exported Style Kits into another site, you can follow the same process as you would do to import any other template into the Elementor template library.

In your dashboard, go to Templates > Saved Templates

At the top of the page, click the Import templates button

Import the json file that you previously exported. Now the newly added Kit will be available both in your elementor template library, and the Theme Style Kits page as well.

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