How to override the global Style Kit on a specific page

When you create a Global Style Kit, it will apply to every page of your site. However, Style Kits offer the flexibility to override the Global Style kit on any page. 

For example, if your website uses Poppins as the main font, you might want to use another font, or even different branding colors only on a specific page (or number of pages). 

To do that, simply choose any of the available Style Kits from the dropdown, and this Style Kit will apply on the page overriding the Global Style Kits. 

Reverting to the Global Style Kit

If you want to revert to the Global Style Kit, it is as easy as selecting your Global Style Kit from the Dropdown. 

If you have set a Global Style Kit, it will always appear with the Global prefix, as in the screenshot above.

Applying the Global Style Kit from the dashboard

Another way to Apply the Global Style Kit to a page or a template, is to hover over its title in the list view of the dashboard. You will find an Apply Global Style Kit link there, that you can use to apply the Global Style Kit on a page without opening it in the Editor.

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