What is a Style Kit

A Style Kit is a collection of Styles, that you can define and control under the Page Settings > Style tab, in the Elementor Editor.

Currently, a Style Kit stores the values of the controls in the Style Panel as shown in the screenshot below. 

Let's go through the panels

  • Body Style
    Allows you to set a background color for the body of your page
  • Body Typography
    Controls for the body typography
  • Headings Typography
    Controls for H1-H6 typographic entities
  • Heading Sizes
    Allows size manipulation for headings powered by the Heading Element

  • Text Sizes
    Allows size manipulation for text (span,div or p) that are powered by the Heading Element
  • Global Colors
    Sets the default color for links, text and buttons. Also provides two additional classes for section backgrounds.
  • Buttons
    Gives fine-grain control over the button styles for each button size
  • Outer Section Padding
    Sets a padding to the outer sections of the layout, for consistent spacing between sections.
  • Column Gaps
    Provides the option to override the values for Elementor's column gaps.

  • Tools
    A panel dedicated to workflow tools. You can export the Style Kits CSS or reset the styles on the page.
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