What is a Style Kit

A Style Kit is a collection of Styles, that you can define and control under the Page Settings > Style tab, in the Elementor Editor.

👉🏻 See how to access the Style Kits Sidebar.

👉🏻 Find out how to create a new Style Kit

Currently, a Style Kit stores the values of the controls in the Style Panel as shown in the screenshot below. 

You can store all this styling information as a Style Kit, and then apply it on any page or globally. 

Think about it as a Customizer inside the Elementor editor, with the ability to Save a snapshot of your styling settings and apply them on any page or globally. We call these snapshots Style Kits, and they are collections of styling information that applies to Elementor elements. 

👉🏻 More info on Saving and updating a Style Kit

👉🏻 Want to control the styling globally? See how to create a Global Style Kit 

With Style Kits you can replace the default appearance of your Typography, colors, spacing and buttons. Prett much everything that composes the design system of your Elementor-powered layouts. Find more information at the Working with Style Kits section.

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