Beta Features

We are constantly working on new features and silently make them available for beta testing to any user of our plugin. In order to activate the beta features, at your dashboard simply go to Style Kits panel and navigate to the Settings Tab.

From there, look for the Other settings box and check the enable Beta Feature checkbox.

Heads Up! This panel might not be always visible, it will appear only when a Beta feature is being tested.

Use safely

Remember that these are beta features. Please do not approach them as standard and do not base any production work on them. Ideally you would want to test them on a local or staging setup.

Providing Feedback

Your input is essential and will help us define the scope of each update and seek best practices to approach the final execution. Send us an email, ping us on social and let us know what works for you and what can be done better. You can also use the chat box and leave us a message at our website or here.

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