Remove Styling from typographic elements

Under the 'Settings' tab, you can find a setting to  Remove Styling from typographic elements which removes custom typography settings from Elementor's widgets on imported templates.

This setting can be useful in cases when you want to customize the Typography for your template and want your theme styles to take over.

Note that this setting applies globally if you wish to keep typography styles in future, please turn off this setting once not needed.

Here's a list of different widgets of which typography values are removed if opted in:

  • Content
  • Testimonial Name
  • Testimonial Title
  • Testimonial Job
  • Description
  • Accordion
  • Toggle
  • Contact form
  • Heading
  • Buttons
  • Message
  • Caption
  • Tabs

If you feel there are more widgets which typography should also be removed, please let us know :)

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